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11. 02. 2010
A festival, devoted to veterans of Mangistau’s oil
  11th of February 2010, Zhetybai oilfield has become a place of great festival devoted to seeing-off of labour veterans (23 pensioners) to honoured rest which was shared by the General Director of the JSC “Mangystaumunaigaz” and his deputy directors, as well as by heads of departments and PD “Zhetybaimunaigaz”.   The General Director of the Company Mr. Aidarbayev Alik Serikovich and his first Deputy Director Mr. Sun Xingyun has made a welcoming speech on this great meeting celebrating labour veterans.   ...
11. 01. 2010
Respect to Grand Oilmen Veterans
 11th of January, 2010 Management of JSC “Mangistaumunaigaz” saw off the oilmen with respect: Geologist, Adviser of General Director JSC “Mangistaumunaigaz” Tastygarayev Amageldy Mukhanovich, Head of health, physical training and sport Department Turarbekov Berdybek Turarbekovich, Head of Automation, Information Technologies and Connections Department Makashev Vyacheslav Konstantinovich, Company Chief Energetic  Botagarayev Atagozy, Deputy Head of Central Engineering Service Orazbayev Yesengeldy....
01. 01. 2010
The annual plan is exceed
 JSC “Mangistaumunaigaz” labor personnel hand over to high management the annual plan of oil production for 2009 which consists 5 million 450 thousand tons to the Independent Day of Republic of Kazakhstan. ...
About company
Mangistaumunaigaz is the enterprise which has laid the foundation of the rapid development of the petroleum industry in the Mangistau region.

Mangistaumunaigaz was established by Decree # 280 of Western-Kazakhstan Council of National Economy on 27 November, 1963 as a state production association. As a significant event not only for Mangistau but for the whole country was the first powerful “oil gusher” at well # 6 in Zhetybai oilfield  which was achieved on 5 July, 1961 this event acknowledged the availability of innumerable natural resources.

Today Mangistaumunaigaz is one of the largest Kazakhstan oil and gas production enterprises which provide more than 31% of oil production in the Mangistau region and 8% in the whole of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As of 1 December, 2009 from the oilfield resources of the venture from the beginning of the development about 200 million tons of “black gold” have been produced. Mangistaumunaigaz have developed 15 oil and gas fields with 969 million tons of total initial reserves (6783 mil barrel). The main industrial areas of exploration are Kalamkas and Zhetybai oilfields.

Kalamkas oilfield began exploration and development since 1979. Its resources have 13 productive deposits with total balance oil reserves more than 510 million tons.

Commercial development of Zhetybai oilfield is carried out with exploration of its satellite oilfields such as Asar, East Zhetybai, South Zhetybai, Bekturly, Oimasha, Burmasha, North Karagiye, Alatube, Atambai-Sartube, Ashiagar, North Akkar, Airantakyr and Pridorozhnoe. The estimated cumulative oil reserves of the Zhetybai group of oilfields is about 458 million tons.

Today the annual level of oil production is more than 5 million tons (35 mil. barrels). The venture have successfully introduced new production technologies such as hydro fracturing, progressive cavity pumps and a fiberglass pipe factory has also been built.  

Mangistaumunaigaz also execute a number of large programmes aimed at further infrastructure development of Mangistau region and provision of assistance to the population. For example, in 2002 in Aktau the company commissioned a trade-entertaining centre called Ardager, a drinking water production and bottling factory with the capacity to produce 10 tons of fresh water per hourand finished construction of water-desalination factory with productivity amounting to 40 thousand cubic meters of water per day.

The Company also has taken part in reconstruction and restoration of historical monuments. Sponsored Archeological dig’s at the necropolis Syrlytam which uncovered valued archeological artifacts. Such finds have been of great historical importance for Kazakhstan and Mangistau.

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